Centered on a clan of sophisticated vampires, or Daeva, “Life is Priceless” was nothing more than a laugh, silly little horseplay because for them life had a price. Daeva reigned supreme. All other species bowed to their knowledge and power. Humans were food, nothing more. But what happened when one ageless Daeva became bored? How about when a killer Daeva found the light of life in a little human? Or when a Daeva known for his cruelty and hatred found a spark of humanity in his newest human slave?

Would Daeva ever learn that life truly was priceless?

  1. Life is Unforgiving (short prequel to the series) (finished)
  2. Life is Unchanging
  3. Life is Death
  4. Life is Fragile
  5. Life is Precious
  6. Life is Tense
  7. Life is Arduous
  8. Life is Bothersome
  9. Life is Murder
  10. Life is Unvarnished
  11. Life is Trite
  12. Life is Crick
  13. Life is Agony
  14. Life is Exasperating
  15. Life is Changing
  16. Life is Priceless

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